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Florida treatment centers is the most comprehensive directory on the internet for addiction treatment centers located in the State of Florida.  We specialize in Florida drug treatment centers, Florida alcohol treatment centers, Florida dual diagnosis treatment centers, and Florida sober living and Florida halfway houses.  If you or a loved one are looking for an addiction treatment center in the State of Florida you have come to the right place.

Florida also known as the sunshine state is one of the heaviest populated states for recovering persons.  Each year thousands of individuals choose to come to Florida for recovery and to get a fresh start.  Florida has many different addiction treatment centers modalities to choose from and we are confident you can find the one that is right for you.

Florida treatment centers typically range from 30-90 days but can be longer if additional treatment is needed.  Following a stay at a Florida treatment center, individuals are highly encouraged to attend a Florida sober living house, or a Florida halfway house.  Studies and research shows that those persons who elect to go to a Florida based model of sober living directly after completing a Florida treatment center have a much higher chance of achieving long term sobriety than those who do not.

We work with the best Florida treatment centers in the State and can help you find the one that is right for you and meets your needs.  Many of the Florida treatment centers we work with accept all major insurance policies, Medicare, Medicaid and offer very affordable payment plans designed to fit the budget need of any person seeking recovery.  We are here to help and our crisis counselors are standing by ready to listen with a soft ear and help to address or answer any questions or concerns you may have about Florida treatment centers.  Help is just a phone call away.  Please call us now

Florida Addiction Treatment Centers
Florida Treatment Centers
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Florida is home to many different ports all across the state in many different cities. Because of this, many illegal controlled substances are smuggled in every day such as cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy. This in turn allows people to readily buy these substances relatively cheap, in quantity and readily available on the streets. Florida law enforcement has its hands full every day trying to stop the influx of narcotics every day thought the ports, and smuggled in barges, large vessels and dropped by airplanes. Florida treatment centers exist primarily in south Florida and help those persons addicted to narcotics or alcohols find a new way of life and recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

A growing concern in our country and especially all throughout Florida is the abundance of so called pain management clinics that basically prescribe narcotic pills such as oxycodone, and Dilaudid allegedly for chronic pain.  In other words this is legal drug dealing at its best. In 2008 to current the manufacturer of a narcotic oxycodone (Roxy's) could not keep up with the orders from the pain management clinics for this substance. They then switched to a more powerful narcotic called Dilaudid. When Dilaudid hit the streets Overdoses tripled in most every major city contributing to the deaths of many.
Florida and Georges, in particular are the starting point of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls an "epidemic" of painkillers such as oxycontin, oxycodone, and Dilaudid, causing addiction and death.

In 2008, prescription painkiller overdoses killed 14,800 Americans. In 2009, pain management clinics were at their peak. Opiate abuse jumpstarted a huge rise in the number of drug-related deaths nationwide. That year, 37,485 Americans died from narcotics overdoses, a figure that for the first time surpassed the number of deaths from car accidents. "The toll our nation's prescription drug abuse epidemic has taken in communities nationwide is devastating, and Florida is ground zero," said Obama drug czar Gil Kerlikowske, speaking at a press conference last year.
Due the growing number of pain management clinics in Florida, the DEA as well as regular law enforcement carefully watch and maintain records of prescriptions given and filled. However once one pain management centers is shut done another one opens to take its place within months weeks or months.

Florida criminal law is very tough against possession, intent, or distribution of Roxycontin, oxycodone, oxycontin, and Dilaudid. Often times persons addicted to the pills, often wind up with a serious criminal offense that could have been prevented by going to a Florida treatment center and seeking help for ones drug addiction or alcoholism. It is a fact that Florida judges the person not by the amount of pills they have, but by the total gram weight. So if the total gram weight exceeds 9 grams, an individual may be charged with trafficking, when simply they are addicted to the substance and most likely have the pills for personal use.

The pain management centers basically requires an MRI, (which can be purchased on the internet for around $500) and brief medical history (without investigation) and within a matter of hours a person can walk out with legal prescriptions to these pills. We at Florida Treatment Centers find this unacceptable and quite unethical.

In summary because of the daily importing and exporting of illegal narcotics, and the rising number of pain management clinics, thousands of persons all across Florida fall victim to drug addiction as well as alcoholism each day. Florida treatment centers are considered the starting point for persons with an addiction to narcotics or alcohol. We work with the best Florida treatment centers all across Florida and can help you find the one that is right for you and meets your needs.

Medication Assisted Treatment

MAT also known as medication assisted treatment is the practice of combining prescription medication with behavioral therpaies to help individual's with an addiction to opiates get through the first few months in early recovery relatively smoothly. We work with many different Florida Medication Assisted Treatment programs.